In today's world, nearly everyone will be touched by cancer, either as a patient, as a family member, or a friend of someone diagnosed with cancer. All of us want cancer to be eradicated off the earth. All of us long for the cure. 

The only solution to finding the cure is research. Without research, there will be no cure. Without research, hope dies.

The key to research is funding. Even the most esteemed scientists can't perform critical research projects without funding. The cure will never be found without funding.

Therefore the mission statement of the Cash Memorial Fund is to provide direct funding for scientific research projects working toward a cure for any kind of cancer. The Board of Directors of the Cash Memorial Fund will work continually with pioneering experts around the globe and the major cancer centers and hospitals that specialize in cancer research. Together, the Board and its advisors will locate ground-breaking and landmark studies which show promise in the pursuit of the critical answers we need. The Cash Memorial Fund will support the selected research projects by funding their research costs. We will fund the research projects to give us all hope.

The Cash Memorial Fund takes pride in acting as a conduit for those who wish to donate funds that will be used for cancer research. Our mission is to pass on virtually all donations directly to where they need to go. We are committed to limiting administrative expenses to less than 5% per year and have underwritten such costs to achieve our goals.


The Cash Memorial Fund. It's all about the cure.

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